This 2000l fuel bowser is powered by a 400w solar panel. It has many technical features including:

✓ 4 Security Cameras with instant recording to the Cloud.

✓ Electric fuelling pump.

✓ USB Ports for charging phones/tablets.

✓ Internal and external lights.

✓ Fully lockable


Smart Refuelling Station

About the Smart Refuelling Station

This is a 2000 litre, white diesel, site towable bowser. This bowser has an electric re-fuelling pump powered by on board, twin deep discharge batteries, together with a resettable and non-resettable fuel meter.

This fuel bowser has a Solar PV panel to charge the on board batteries as well as visible battery charge state, USB charging ports for phones etc, internal and external user lighting and a hand crank pump for emergency back up in case the battery is low.

What’s great about this bowser is that it has live CCTV with instant recording to the Cloud using multiple cameras, including infrared night vision, for monitoring and recording, up to 30 days. This even includes audio! There is one camera zoomed in on the fuel flow meter, fuel tank level meter and battery voltage, another showing who’s using it and lastly cameras showing a bird’s eye view of the surroundings and what is being fuelled up.


Electric Fuelling Pump

An electric fuel pump is an essential component of modern fuel bowsers. Unlike a manual fuel pump, which requires physical effort to operate, an electric fuel pump operates automatically with the push of a button. Electric fuel pumps are more efficient than manual pumps, as they deliver a consistent flow rate of fuel, ensuring that the tank is filled quickly and accurately. This is particularly important in commercial settings where time is of the essence. Additionally, electric fuel pumps are safer to use, as they eliminate the need for manual lifting and reduce the risk of spillage. With an electric fuel pump, fuel can be dispensed effortlessly and efficiently, providing a hassle-free experience for both the operator and the customer.

Security Cameras

The bowser has four motion detection, infrered night vision security cameras that record and save straight to the cloud for 30 days.

1 x Camera covering the fuel gauge and battery voltage,

1 x Camera covering the user of the bowser.

2 x Exterior cameras 

Having security cameras installed on a fuel bowser is an effective way to deter theft and ensure safety. The cameras provide real-time surveillance of the bowser and its surroundings, allowing for quick identification of any suspicious activity. The four motion detection, infrared night vision cameras on our bowser are capable of capturing footage even in low light conditions, ensuring that any incidents are recorded and documented accurately. The footage is saved straight to the cloud for 30 days, providing a valuable resource for reviewing and analysing any incidents that may occur. By having security cameras installed on the bowser, customers can feel secure knowing that their safety is a top priority, while business owners can rest easy knowing that their assets are protected.

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