Power Tower

  • 4 x PV Panels @ 400W each (each 1754 x 1096)

  • 4 x 130 AH Leisure Batteries @ 12V each

  • Telescopic Lighting Tower 4m high with 4 x 30W LEDs

  • Batteries will last for 36 hours with all lights on

  • Magnetic compass to show south

  • Built in AirTag Tracker

  • 240V Outlets (2kW total)

  • USB Outlets (x6)

  • Built in photocell to control mast lights

  • Visible Battery state of charge

  • Forkliftable

  • Lifting hook

  • Can be pinned down to the ground to prevent theft

  • Tie down points

  • Powered adjustable panel angle to give optimum angle dependant on time of year and angle of the sun.

  • Batteries secured in to prevent theft.

  • Optional Wind Turbine for charging in the winter months.


Power Tower