Why choose Solarvault?

Introducing Solarvault – Your Partner in Sustainability

Discover a new era of eco-solutions by Solarvault. Our cutting-edge products stem from rigorous research, offering solar and battery-powered innovations that redefine sustainability, user ease, and cost efficiency.

Driven by a deep commitment to the environment, Solarvault has invested significantly in environmentally conscious site equipment. Our Renewables Division proudly showcases solar-powered offerings, maximising battery power utilisation.

We’re not just eco-friendly; we’re trailblazers. Solarvault embraces electric vehicles, harnesses solar energy for electricity, and even employs biomass boilers. Our devotion to reducing carbon emissions is unwavering. Through carbon offsetting, robust campaigns, waste reduction, and streamlined operations, we’re leading change.

Welcome to Solarvault – lighting the path to a greener future.

More Cost Effective

We understand the importance of delivering value to our clients. Our competitive pricing ensures that you receive top-notch products and services without straining your budget. Your investment with us goes further.

High quality products

Our track record speaks for itself – we supply leading plant hire companies with our products. This industry recognition reflects our commitment to delivering only the highest quality items, providing you with reliable and efficient solutions for your needs.

Solarvault focuses on providing sustainable solutions for the construction industry by designing and manufacturing new pieces of construction equipment that combine sustainability with functionality. Our aim is to assist companies with meeting environmental targets whilst also providing equipment that will be of great use to their team and be economical to the company.